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Access to quality education and training is becoming harder to attain

About Us / Mission Statement

Founded in 1964 by the late Reverend Doctor Leon Howard Sullivan, OIC of America, Inc. (OICA) is a national non-profit network of employment and training programs bound together by a common help the disadvantaged realize their true potential. OIC has grown into a movement, which has served over 2.5 million disadvantaged and under-skilled people. Rev. Sullivan recognized the need to establish a national headquarters to provide technical assistance to organizations interested in developing an OIC program in their communities. On March 9th, 1970, Articles of Incorporation for OIC of America, Inc. were officially signed by Rev. Sullivan, Rev. William J. Shaw, Rev. Robert DuBose, Jr., Rev. Cecil D. Gallup, and Ira Wells, Jr.

In the Norristown area, 2 in 10 individuals do not complete high school within 5 years. In today's workforce, obtaining the necessary education and training is important to earn a living wage.

OIC is here to help: We provide educational, vocational, and skilled opportunities to individuals ages 0 to 99. We provide year-round training and programs to help our community achieve their professional goals.

Montgomery County OIC has proudly served the community for 54 years!

Our annual campaign aims to ease the financial burden of our training programs and opportunities. Your donation goes directly to the cost of maintaining our programs.